The Politics of Drones 

Thursday, May 15, 2014, 02:06 AM - Politics
Posted by Seven

Remember Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Imagine if, instead of apprehending him, the government decided to call in a drone strike once he was found hiding in that boat. Sure, there would have been innocent people that were killed in the surrounding houses from the blast but fuck em. All the headlines would read "Marathon Bomber killed in drone strike!" and the people would cheer. Oh wait.... no they wouldn't. There would massive outrage at the innocent people murdered by government machinery just to kill one guy... yet we do it every day overseas.

Every time you see a headline that reads "Al Quaeda No. 2 killed in afghanistan" they mention only in passing, if at all, the 40 or so innocents around that guy who were also killed in the blast.. but we don't care about that do we? They were probably up to no good too, right? That's called racism. Contemplate that.

And in that one blast, they take out someone important to the enemy. Yet when 40 innocent people die, they have about 200 family members who, if they didn't already, now hate America. Each time we drop a bomb we create hundreds more terrorists. It's time to stop. It's time to bring our shit home and contemplate the evil we've created in the world... through our own.

We need to dismantle these machines and we need to dismantle the government entities that thought they were a good idea. Until they repeal the Patriot Act, we can never trust them with drones, no matter how helpful they could be. Every year that law goes un-repealed, is further proof that they have no respect for us as people and want to continue spying on us. Until that law is struck down, we can only assume any technological motive the government has is to further their own reach.

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