Thursday, May 15, 2014, 01:52 AM - Politics
Posted by Seven

Has any country that engaged in mass surveillance of its own citizens voluntarily given up that capability? Has any mass surveillance country avoided becoming totalitarian? The Answer to both of these questions is "No". This nation is doomed by history. Osama Bin Laden won in the end. He destroyed this nation through fear, and the resulting powergrab by dishonest politicians and bankers who used that fear against us. He is dead, but we lost.

And it didn't even take much either. That's the sad thing. 19 hijackers, two buildings destroyed, a few thousand dead.. and the most powerful nation in the world consumes itself through paranoia until it's no better than nations we used to chastise for doing what we do now.

We spent all of our money chasing phantoms and imagined threats. We installed a "Security" apparatus that virtually guarantees you will never have a truly private moment again for the rest of your lives. And we committed religious/racial genocide. We massacred... We've killed so many people in the last 10 years, the estimates top a million at this point. 1 million people killed either directly, or indirectly through starvation and disease.

We used to be the shining beacon of freedom in the world. What are we now?

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