Money is Time 

Friday, May 23, 2014, 03:54 AM - Philosophy
Posted by Seven

It seems we, as humans, have an insatiable need to organize, classify, and quantify the things around us so we can understand and bring some kind of order to our world. ALL of our science is based in some way on math and theories don't become scientific law until ALL the math works out. We've even gone so far as to organize and graph every species on earth (there are 50,000 species of beetle alone), the elements of the universe, and completely map out our own planet, not to mention the moon and mars. Everything comes back to numbers and organization because it's the only way we can represent in a non-anecdotal way, not only to ourselves but also to others, the things we've learned and done. Math and numbers are always the same. Not just to you, but to everyone.

Money is just a numeric representation of our personal efforts, as far as we can reckon. The problem with money however, is that it doesn't have the same value to everyone, which clashes with our need to accurately quantify things. To a poor person a dollar is worth far more than it is to a rich person because they usually put more effort into obtaining it. To a minimum wage worker, $8 is worth an hour. To a rich person, $8 may only represent seconds. With such a disparity in the perceived value of money, the more affluent among us cannot grasp the real effect it has on others when they lose it, or don't have it at all. Would Paris Hilton worry about misplacing or spending $100? Not at all, yet a poor person would. This dichotomy is the root of almost all class conflict. When you can employ not only your own effort, but the equivalent numeric effort of hundreds or even thousands of people just by opening your pocketbook, severe imbalances begin to form and cause resentment.

But that's not all. Money can be taken from you. Someone can actually steal your time and labor when you convert it to a number. It's extremely hard to run off with an entire field of wheat, but you can take the dollar value of it and an entire year of effort is gone. It's the pain of the lost effort, or the attraction of easily acquiring the compiled effort of others so easily that has caused many of the worst wars in history. Time may be money, but money definitely represents time. Our time spent working. Take someone's money, and to them, even if it's subconscious, you're stealing days, months, even years of their life from them.

Unfortunately I think it's a hard-coded part of our analytical minds to organize, classify, and quantify, which means we'll always place some kind of number on anything we feel has value. That's why money has been around since the beginning of time and won't be going away any time soon. It's in our nature, as much as we don't want it to be.

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