The Brainwashing of our Youth 

Friday, June 20, 2014, 12:09 AM - Philosophy

I took Business Law back in high school, and by "took" I mean I slept through the class if I showed up at all. Now that's not supposed to paint me as some sort of tough guy rebel, but rather the class as exceedingly boring. I don't remember much except for what pertained to me at the time but one of the things that managed to stick was contract law. For some reason I felt like I'd need to know how to weasel my way out of a contract in the future. I had far crazier ideas at that age, so let's just move on.

One of the things I do remember was contract law as it pertains to minors. Children can enter contracts for their own protection only and can't be held to one themselves until they're 18 because the government doesn't recognize them as reasoning adults and they can't be trusted to make informed decisions. Children are gullible, their opinions are easily swayed, and there is the constant threat that someone with far more life experience could take advantage of their naivete. So they're protected from the repercussions of bad decisions... even murder. In fact, a store with a huge "NO RETURNS" sign must legally take an unopened item back if it was sold to a minor because a sale is just another form of contract. The only legal liability is on the part of the merchant in that sale. That's why you see "Must be 18 or older" on any major purchases and pay services. You thought that was to protect the sensibilities of innocent little children? Not hardly. It's actually there to protect the merchant because a minor can "dis-affirm" any contract at any time. The government so strongly believes minors can't make informed decisions about smoking, drinking, voting, military service and contracting that their disdain for the mental faculties of children has been codified into law.

Yet every morning across America young children recite a pledge of allegiance to a nation whose politics and history they can't even begin to understand in state-funded schools. The government takes advantage of that same mental pliability the law claims to protect them from with a curriculum full of historical myth and in some states, even religion. Our schools have them so indoctrinated by the time they're in the 1st grade that the children, some of whom can't even tie their shoes yet, know the pledge by heart. Ask a 6 year old some time the lyrics of their favorite song and nine times out of ten, it won't even be close but this certain grouping of words they know perfectly and to a cadence. Have you ever heard a class of bored, disinterested children reciting the pledge in the morning? Do they even know what "indivisible" and "republic" mean, as they slowly drone out the words in unison?

What I find interesting about the situation is the similarity between our pledge, our colored-in history, and our leader worship to the indoctrination process of all of our greatest enemies throughout history. They all fed children a steady diet of their political ideals. It was terrible, to us, how Hitler taught national socialist values to the youth of his country.. terrible how Stalin's school system forced communist propaganda onto every child. It's terrible how the madrassas in Iran teach fundamentalist Islam to their kids, and how kids in North Korea are taught their leaders are gods. But it's OK when we teach children religion, American Exceptionalism, historical fiction, and then set them loose after 13 years of training to live in a carefully constructed fairy-tale that feeds off the rest of the world just to continue functioning.

The official molding of our children into a cheap and viable workforce starts at just five years old. In fact the first two things young children are taught in preschool or kindergarten is how to stand in line and how to be quiet. They're taught that truth comes from authority, that there is no questioning that authority, and that as they get older if they don't do well on their standardized testing they'll never get a job or into college to get a better job. School is, for all intents and purposes, training to work for someone else. Ingenuity and innovation aren't cultivated so much as obediance and recital so your average student couldn't even imagine starting their own business anymore because they simply don't have the tools and skills required. They're pushed from the beginning to be a cog in the capitalist machine. A worker who generates income for those above themselves. Work to make money, and spend that money on things that promise happiness. Still not happy? Work harder, make more money and buy bigger things that promise even more happiness. Still not happy? You must be un-American.

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Friday, June 20, 2014, 12:52 AM


Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 02:55 AM
I am in my 50's and have gotten into many a "debate" with my children and others, in their mid 20's and normally they can never understand why I am so mad, frustrated etc. An example would be I have been telling them for a few years that every phone call and email we make is recorded and kept on record. When everyone figured it out thanks to Snowden, I briefly revisited the topic with them and a normal response is "I don't have anything to hide". When I talk of the U.S. becoming (is) a police state and how "they" control everything we read, see and hear in the media, another typical response is "I have life good, I don't see a problem"
I have failed my children and they are nothing but mass consumers, happy with whatever is going on as long as they have their nice car etc.
You have no idea how much it saddens me to hear responses like this from anyone, let alone my own children, but from the moment a person is born the brainwashing begins. From organized religion to their entertainment, they are controlled like an avatar in a video game and don;t even realize it.
I can't even imagine what my granddchildren will think after i am gone and there isn't anyone around questioning things like privacy, torture dominance is pretty much complete and as I figure my best days are behind me, I have decided to take a stand and while many think it is wrong, i am afraid nothing else works so I am going to do my best to hit them where it hurts them most, their wallet and begin a terrorist camapign until my life is over or caught. I truly am sickk and tired of it and can no longer just sit idly by


About a decade ago now, I honestly went on my front porch, sat in my rocker and wept real tears, quite hard, when I was finally convinced, without a doubt, that everything I thought I ever knew was wrong as far as our "history" and that those in power now are so deeply embedded that they control everything that we read, see and hear and have basically done so for a very, very long time.
Yes it started as children as we were taught the history they wanted us to believe and we stood "proudly" everyday swearing our allegiance to the country.
Pure propaganda and while many refuse to admit it as it really is paradigm shifting, the U.S. is as bad if not worse then most of the third world countries we think are in such horrible shape. Yes we have a better lifestyle, but that is only because they need good consumers to keep their profits rolling in.
As an adult we are bombarded by propaganda from the moment we wake up until we return to sleep. Most think they are well informed because they may catch some news while preparing for work, listening to Fox, MSNBC or CNN then they get in their car and listen to whatever talk show they agree with on their way to work. They repeat this at the end of the day and then feel they are well informed citizens.
Of course they only listen to the "news" and talk radio hosts that they agree with and think the other channels are pure b.s., not realizing that it is irrelevant what you listen to or watch because it is all propaganda.
By the 4-6 large corporations owning over 96% of all the media, they are the ones who control the debate and set the agenda. As blind sheep, the populace goes along with too busy trying to maintain their lifestyle to even question things let alone do the research needed to find the real truth.
It really is like they have used 1984 and Joseph Goebbels principles of propaganda. One can just take a cursory look at Goebbels principles and pretty much easily just put a check mark beside every one.
Everything most know is a lie.
One can just look at Iran and Iraq and even with only a half hearted open mind will see that those countries may not be very nice, but we are the ones who put them where they are, all in the quest to dominate the world's oil market. Mention Iran and even those who have woken up a bit will think of nothing but terrorists who only wish us dead. But if one looks at the real history, i have no doubt that if they lived in Iran they would feel at least the same about us if not worst. No need to go into that history here, but if you do not know about Kermit Roosevelt guiding the overthrow of the elected parliament of Iran just because they dare nationalize their oil, i urge you to do some real fact checking.
Or Hussein where you can read the transcript of the conversation he had with April Glaspie where he basically asked for U.S. permission to attack Kuwait and she gave it to him.
Or Bush sr using fake satellite photos to show the Iraqi army poised on the Saudi border ready to attack it which was our excuse for going to war the 1st time. And what happens when it is eventually disclosed that it turned out other countries happened to have their satellites taking pictures there also and it showed we made the photos up, they were not even close to the Saudi border ? Nothing. By then the propaganda machine had done it's job so well all the average American wanted was the blood of Iraqi's. It literally did not make a difference that the President, the former head of the CIA, knew they were faked photos as he just wanted the populace to not get too hot and bothered when we attacked iraq - which in my opinion was because Hussein was subverting the oil quatas agreed to as he was trying to raise money and this was lowering the price of oil...a big no-no when our military is basically the oil companies private army.
The point is, though the propaganda starts as children, as adults most are too busy buying into the consumer propaganda that they really do not care who we attack, raope their resources etc as long as they can maintain their lifestyle as if it is their god given right to try and control the planet.
Children do not know any better, but if someone was abused as a child, at some point you would hope that they could maybe put it behind them and go on and live a happy life. At somne point, even though everything we have been taught is propaganda, one would hope that most would eveentually open their eyes, even if just a little bit, and start to see the real world around them

The Divine 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 01:12 AM /
Why aren't we taught about emotions in school - why when we seek to learn the truths and untruths of the universe are we swatted down due to fear and ignorance.

How can ignorance ever breed happiness or love - It can only permeate itself through fear and anger.

Thank you for teaching me about endoplasmic-reticulum and calculus... but what about the condition of my soul? why the fuck is it called sin? why not give it a less indeterminate name.. like emotional damage.. something I can see and understand.

How can my 37 year old teacher who lives in a complete state of emotional ignorance ever teach me anything truly fundamental about the universe?

Why is this shit not taught in school.. we live in a society that now has MONEY on the same level as LOVE...

We now live in a society where people say ignorant things like LOVE HURTS... what the fuck is that? Sadness hurts... Fear Hurts... Anger hurts... Love HEALS... Love cannot hurt... that is an oxymoron..

My soul is angry and fearful..

I have run from my emotions for 30 years due to fear and ignorance.. I would be in such a better state of being if love was taught to me when I was a boy..

I would not hate the church if when I asked a simple question their answer to me wasn't "BECAUSE THATS THE WAY IT IS - STOP ASKING QUESTIONS OR YOU WILL BURN IN HELL"

How is a person in such a state of 'Sin' standing here as a beacon of light to a genuine soul seeking the truth?

Thank you Rome for fucking the planet up...
Thank you ignorance for breeding more ignorance and putting the planet in complete chaos..
Thank you parents for projecting all of your emotional baggage on your children and spreading the continued cycle of hate..
Thank you Church for ruining the only chance we ever had of atonement with our creator.

This world is a very dirty room... and we need to clean this shit up..

Lesson 1 in school:
Emotional Responsibility

Lesson 2 in school:
How to release your damage and heal through divine love

^^^ How is this shit not taught.. we live in a state of ignorance..

Love has the power to create and heal... Science has proved this with multiple experiments conducted with water (Which by the way your body is mainly comprimised of)

Man will only know peace when ignorance is replaced by truth..
and fear is replaced by love.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 10:17 PM
I'm just commenting to say that I love reading these pages and I hope you continue maknig them <3

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